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Zoned Sports Academy

Zoned Sports Academy is a baseball and softball developmental lab that not only works on the baseball and softball skill development but also teaches the overall person as far as character, work ethic, hustle, and how to respect the game. Regardless of age or ability level, our programs are designed to help athletes compete on and off the field. We teach our athletes everything from fundamentals to mental preparation, and top of the line skill development.

We offer professional instruction and we share our passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the game with each and every person that walks through our doors. Our coaching staff is determined to take our students no matter their age or skill level to their absolute level of peak performance and our goal is to make sure that the athletes walking out of Zoned have a competitive advantage over their opponents every time they step on the diamond.

“Growing up, my ultimate dream was to work in baseball. I played the game and love the game. I am very fortunate to have built a company based around developing players that can share the same vision.” – Duke BaxterBeing

Zoned in is training at an optimal level of focus and excitement allowing yourself to get in a place that enables you to perform at your very best. We’ve created an environment that allows our players to get rid of all distractions, and we infuse them with excitement, enthusiasm and the will to learn. We motivate our players and want them to understand that “The Time is NOW, the place is HERE”. We train our players in fast pace, game-like situations and prepare them for all levels of baseball and softball. Our staff is very passionate about both baseball and softball and we hope to share our love for the game with the future generations of the sport. “Where an athlete has to be to succeed!”

24 Kearney Street

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Phone: (908) 512-1407