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Accident Insurance

Information about Accident Insurance

A simple mistake can result in severe consequences. This is usually how all accidents happen – because of a simple mistake. Falling while getting out of the tub or an allergic reaction to a bee sting shows two examples of how simple things cause big problems. The good news is these injuries are covered by accident insurance. Your employer may include an accident policy with a traditional health plan. This can help employees have more coverage for a wider variety of injuries.

Covered Expenses

Your health plan might cover most of your medical expenses. But in some cases your coverage might not cover the full cost of an accident. Extra insurance for accidental damages can cover essentials that fall between the gaps of the standard plan. This can include paying for things such as wheelchairs and crutches, co-payments and deductibles, and psychological or physical therapy. The exact items covered depend on the policy and the insurer.

Flexible Policy

Insurance plans are flexible and include a range of payouts. You can tailor a policy to meet your needs, including coverage for accidental death. Some accident insurance policies are limited to work-related accidents, while others encompass incidents that occur anywhere.